Thursday, April 19, 2007

Primas, Primas, everywhere!

I just love Prima flowers. Prima flowers are just like any other fabric flower embellishment, but they aren't made of the thin slippery fabric that most faux flowers are made from. They are much thicker, and almost feel like a soft velvety paper. Their quality is a big step above most other flower embellishments. They are a little on the pricey side though, so you have to use them wisely, but you do get a lot of flowers in each container so I guess that makes up for the initial sticker-shock. They also come in really cute containers that can be re-used for something else. My favorite one is the one that looks like a milk bottle. It has a label that says "got flowers?" It's really way too cute!

So, yesterday, I got out my brand new Primas. They are little hydrangea blossoms, and for whatever reason, I was inspired to make an entire cluster of them. I love how this card turned out, but it's definitely one for hand-delivery only! I paper-pieced the stem and leaf, and arranged the primas so they looked similar to a real hydrangea cluster. Then, I used a small dot of "icicle" stickles in the center of each blossom. I also added dots of stickles on the cut-out corners of the green panels. This one was really fun and simple to make!

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